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function res = existfile(fileName)
%EXISTFILE  Check for file existence.
%       RES = EXISTFILE(FILENAME) returns true if the file FILENAME is existing
%       on the current path and false otherwise. It works similar to
%       EXIST(FILENAME, 'file'), except that it does not find files on the
%       Matlab path!
%           The function is realized as a mex function (existfile.c). To compile the mex-function, move to the directory where
%   file existfile.c is located and type
%             mex existfile.c
%           If this is the first time you run function MEX on your system, you
%           might have to select a compiler by typing
%             mex -setup
%           If the mex-file (e.g. existfile.mexw32 or existfile.mexglx) is not
%           existing, a (very slow) MATLAB realization is called instead.
%           Markus Buehren
%           Last modified 13.11.2007
%   See also EXIST.

persistent warnmex
if isempty(warnmex)
      disp(sprintf('This is the m-file %s.m, not the mex-file! Type "mex existfile.c" to compile.', mfilename));
      warnmex = 1;

% check input arguments
res = exist(fileName, 'file') ~= 0;

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